We are a team of honor and integrity. We strive to do everything with excellence and provide a new level of honesty and virtue in the real estate transaction. We strive to be informative and to make sure you are informed at every step of the process We strive to be different. With so many different agents in the market, there is a high quantity of “average”. We want to do everything we can to be different in what we do and make the home buying/selling process REMARKABLE!

Josh Turner Owner/Realtor (423) 799-2545

Matt Fleenor Owner/Realtor (423) 301-5535

Brandon Paulus Realtor (423) 205-7216

Dylan Riddle Realtor (423) 401-9425

Fungbeh Karmue Realtor (423) 406-6493

Joyce Buan Client Service Liaison (423) 418-6867